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Solar Power Plant Testing, Inspection and Control Services

We, as Kizil Kontrol, operate in this way; Following the delivery of the workplace to the Contractor, the required number of Audit personnel are on site to inspect the construction according to the TS-EN-62446 standard during the assembly process of the project, to verify important milestones, and to determine whether the project is progressing in accordance with the project schedule and the agreed upon design and quality concepts. be present.

We audit the Contractor's activities and report to the EMPLOYER, and as the KIZIL KONTROL auditor team, we work to ensure that the work complies with the specifications and regulations in the field until the EMPLOYER's Acceptance is completed.

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We Provide Solar Energy Testing, Inspection and Control Services Worldwide

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Increase Solar Energy Production

Worldwide Solar Energy Control

By preparing inspection and expert reports of photovoltaic facilities, we reveal the factors that prevent the facilities from producing more energy.

Stability & Comfort

Purposeful Engineering

Stability and Comfort Analysis

Inspection of your solar energy investments with reporting to make them more sustainable, efficient, profitable and environmentally friendly

Renewable Energy

Turn Your Investment into Profit with Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Audit

Reduce your carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources and contribute to the protection of nature.

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